The hottest party on wheels! We've worked to create and capture the unique blend of weird and unique moments that bring the party to life. Along with the social media team, we constantly capture the moments that tell a story. We don't care much for the standard stuff. We like to blend in, we like to join the fun!  


Brandon Flowers paces back and forth, in his green room, and next door, Ronnie Vannucci Jr. plays fetch with his beloved Archie. Friends and family members stop by with well wishes, as Dave Keuning tunes his electric guitar. Mark Stoermer, calm and collected, ready with a firm handshake, a smile as the group converges into a ritual of brotherhood, right before the stage doors open up. If it's your first time, this is the greatest moment of your life.


Carl Zeiss needed state of the art equipment to capture the state of the art lenses, as well as the overall vibe of their product showcase. They wanted to stream some content live, as well as create summary videos that encapsulate the event. They called us to do the job, and we arose to the challenge. 


A leading provider of medical aesthetic solutions, viora med frequently exhibits their products in conventions across the world. We capture photo and video footage of the events, and help to create short clips for informational and educational purposes.